The Belleclare Nursery Fig Collection

Belleclare Nursery

ニューヨーク州プレインフィールドにある現在は閉鎖されているベレクレアナーセリーは、マーサ・スチュワートが訪問したことでイチジクの世界で少し有名になりました。オーナーのクリスとビル ディパオロは、85品種を超えるイチジクの木の栽培していました。

ベレクレアが 2006 年 11 月に廃業したとき、ナーセリーは廃業売却の最終リストを発表しました。このリストはイチジク界に広まり、さまざまなイチジク品種に割り当てられた番号がそれらの品種名の同義語になりました。

Belleclare Nurseryの最終リスト

PETITE NEGRI (a) (DWARF) large purple-black, dark red center (2 crops)
CELESTE (a) medium, purple-brown, dark red center, very sweet, sugary
ROYAL VINEYARD (a) large coppery-brown, pear-shaped, dark amber center (2 crops)
ALMA (a) medium, light yellow-amber, tan flesh, small eye (2 crops)
NERO (Italy) (a) large, purple-red (wine color) dark center (2 crops)
HARDY CHICAGO (a) medium-large, purple-brown, dark red center (2 crops) (prolific main crop)
OSBORNE PROLIFIC (a) medium, green to brown, amber center, sweet, very prolific, hardy (2 crops)
BLACK SPANISH (Franciscana) (a) large mahogany-black, red center, very sweet (2 crops)
BLACKJACK (a) large, purple-brown, dark red center, juicy (2 crops) (dwarf-tree, tends to spread)
GALBUN (a) large, reddish-brown, life amber center, delicately sweet (2 crops—prolific)
BEALL (a) large, reddish-brown, lite amber center (1 crop)
MARSEILLES (a) large yellow, clear flesh, very sweet (2 crops) (bears heavy on the 2nd crop)
TENA (Spanish) (a) large, yellow, round, clear center (2 crops—Condit-hybrid)
HUNTS (a) large, brown, amber center (2 crops)
JELLY (a) medium, white, white center, sweet, (2 crops) (Southern regions)
ITALIAN PURPLE BEEFERA (a) large, round, purple, sweet, strawberry center (2 crops)
ITALIAN PURPLE RED (a) medium, round, dark center (2 crops)
SICILIAN RED (a) medium, reddish-brown, dark red center (2 crops)
CONADRIA (Genoa) (a) large, purple-black, dark red center, (Greek-Aboukonis) (2 crops)
TEXAS EVERBEARING (a) large, dark coppery brown, dark center, (2 crops)
CHIOS-A (Greek) (a) large, white, pear shape, with strawberry center (2 crops)
CHIOS-B (Greek) (a) medium, reddish-brown, dark red center, sweet (2 crops)
CHIOS-C (Greek) (a) large, purple-black, dark red center (Greek-Aboukonis) (2 crops)
CORFU (Greek) (a) large, white pear shape, dark strawberry center, (2 crops) (Greek-Speros)
CRETE (Greek) (a) large, white, light strawberry center (2 crops/Greek-Kronos)
MYKONOS (Greek) (a) large, white, strawberry center (2 crops/Greek-Thina)
MYKONOS (Greek) (a) large, pear shape, reddish to purple black, white flesh, strawberry center (Breba Only) (Greek-Perkounis)
KALAMATA-A (Greek) (a) medium, black with dark red center, sweet, (2 crops)
KALAMATA-B (Greek) (a) large, round, white, dark-pink center (1 crop)
SICILIAN BLACK (Verna Grosso) (a) medium, black with dark center (Italian-Agrigenta)
SICILIAN BLACK (Sal’s) (Corelone) (Fico di Capo) (Fico-Nera) (a) medium to large, dark red center, (2 crops)
ITALY (Pasquale Bianco) (Italian) (a) medium, white, dark strawberry center (1 crop)
PASQUALE VERNINO (Italian) (a) medium, black, dark center, (1 crop)
WHITE BARESE (Columbro) (a) large white, with strawberry center (2 crops)
MALTA BLACK (Grandparent to Celeste) (a) medium, black, dark red center, sweet (2 crops)
MONTELLONE (Genoa, Italy) (a) large round, white, lite amber center (2 crops)
ISCHIA BLACK (Italy) (a) medium, black with dark center (2 crops)
FiCO BIANCO (Caiabria, Italy (a) large round, white red center (2 crops)
SICILIAN BLACK (Sal’s) (Fico Nera) (a) medium large, dark black, red center, very juicy & sweet (2 crops)
EASTERN BROWN TURKEY (a) Large, coppery brown, dark amber center (2 crops)
ITALIAN EVERBEARING (a) large, purple-brown, dark center (2 crops)
FICO BIANCO (Columbo, Italy) (Caserta) (b) large white, white flesh amber center (Breba-Only) (San Pedro)
FICO NERA DUEMANE (Sant-Angelo di Lombardi, Italy) (a) (mountain fig, 2 crops) medium purple black with red center, sweet
SICILIAN FICO ROSSO (Taranto, Sicily) (Breba-Crop, San Pedro) (b) large, red fig, white flesh, dark center
FICO NERA (Abruzzi, Italy )(Corragio) (a) medium, black fig, white flesh, dark red center (2 crops)
LARGE GREEK WHITE (Cyprus) (a) large, pear shape, dark red center (2 crops)
DESERT KING (Breba Crop Only—San Pedro) (a) large green with red center
LATTARULA (Italian Honey Fig) (a) large, dark amber center, very juicy (2 crops)
PETER’S HONEY (a) medium, round, yellow-green, dark amber center, very juicy, sweet (2 crops)
SICILIAN (Catania) (a) large, pear-shape, green-brown, dark golden amber center (2 crops)
NEVARELLA (Oregon) (a) medium brown, amber center (prolific)
FICO FIORI BIFARA (Caserta) (a) large, purple-brown, red center, (2 crops)
WHITE KADOTA (a) large, yellow-green, amber center (2 crops)
BLACK MISSION (a) large, purple-black, strawberry center, sweet, (2 crops)
VERTE (Ischia Green) (Italy) (a) large, green, amber center (2 crops)
SCILIAN WHiTE (Artata Musomelli) (a) large, green-yellow, thick pink to amber center, (2 crops)
GENOA (a) large, white, yellow-green strawberry red center (2 crops)
NEGRONNE (a) large, purple-black, pearshape, dark red center, very sweet (2 crops)
FICO BLANCO (Bifara Musomelli ) (Sicily) (b) large, mottled-green-yellow, golden amber center (2 crops)
FICO NERA (Siciliano Bifara) (San Pedro) (b) large, black, white flesh, dark-amber center (Breba only)
SAN PEDRO (California) (a) large, purple-brown (Turkey), dark red center, (2 crops)
EXCEL (a) medium-large, white, dark amber center (2 crops) (Condit hybrid)
CONANT (a) medium, brown, amber center, very sweet (2 crops)
SICILIAN (Agrigenta) (Bifara II) (a) large, round, purple-red, dark center, (2 crops)
PALESTINE BLACK ABDULLAH (b) medium, white flesh, amber center
FICO BIANCO ATREANO (Durazzano, Italy) (a) large, round, yellow-white, lite pink strawberry center (2 crops)
FICO NERA PAESE (Foggia) (Italian) (a) medium, black, dark-red center, (2 crops)
LARGE ROUND WHITE (Lombardy) (Northern Mountain Fig) (a) large, white,dark-amber center (2 crops)
CRETE GREEK FIG (Knosos Temple Ruins) (Hank) (a)
GREEK FIG (Santorini) (Hank) (a)
GILLETTE (Edible Capri Fig) (c) medium to large, white, white center, big seeds, solid flavor (2 crops)
FICUS PALMATUM (India) (Hank) (c) small, green, edible, (understock used for grafting)
BROWN GREEK WHITE (Salonika, San Pedro) (Breba only) (b) large, white, white center
RACXIOTKI VAVTO (Greek Macedonia) (San Pedro) (b) large, white, dark-amber center
FICO PICCOLO BIANCO (Calabria, Italy )(a) small, white, lite-amber center (2 crops)
CHIOS-D (Greek) (a) large, green-brown, dark golden amber center (2 crops)
FICO BIANCO SICILIANO (Sicily) (a) large, white dark-red center (2 crops)
VASILIKA SIKA (Greek, Athens) (King & Queen) (a) large, white, pear-shape blood-red center (2 crops)
ATHENS (Found North of Athens) (a) large, white, round dark red center (2 crops)
LARGE GREEK (Kephlonia) (a) large, red, red center
CRETE (Greek) (b) large, round, black, white flesh, amber center
CRETE (Breba Only) (San Pedro) (b)
SICILIAN WHITE (Raffadale, Sicily ) (Sal’s) (a) large, white, round, white flesh, lite center (2 crops)
Fico Di Melenzana-Large pear shape, purple/black,hollow red center (greeks brought this variety when they occupied Sicily). Belleclare cuttings came from Siracusa, Sicily and Greek Island of Kepholonia.
Fico Bianco Melenzana-Large pear shape, green w/ crimson red to deep violet center from Zadar, Croatia on Dalmatian coast and from Bari, Italy.
Sicilian-Large round rurbinate yellow/green w/dark strawberry red center (capo grosso), from Sciacca, Sicily
Fico Bianco Fioroni- Large round, yellow/green, golden amber center, juicy, cuttings from Ancona, Italy
Oregon Prolific-Large round yellow/green, golden amber center, juicy, prolific even in cool summer.
Fico Grosso Sicilian- Large semi-pear shape, yellow/green with pink center. Most popular green fig in all of Sicily.
Black Zadar-A large flat round fig, thick skin, large eye, blood red center, heavy filling fig from Zadar, Croatia.
Fico Nera Napolitano-A popular Napolitano fig from Naples also called Fico Piccolino. Small to medium, purple/black, blood red center.
Large Greek Fig Cypress/Perkounis-Yellow/green, red center.(Papou Kosta).
Fico De Capo Verde-Large round, yellow/green Sicilian fig(Godfather white), golden amber center. From Castelle Mare Del Golfo. Godfather city #2.
Shar Israel-A large semi-pear shape fig, dark purple/brown to purple/black w/ hollow red center. Cuttings came from Haifa, Israel by way of a NAFEX member.
Shar Italia-Large purple/brown fig, dark amber center. Haifa, Israel by way of NAFEX member.
Corynth-A Greek variety by way of fellow hobbyist with 35 selected varieties. This fig a good hot weather fig. Large round, yellow/green with a sweet light amber center and thick skin.
Fico Zana-This one is Italian in name but it’s origin is Kepholonia, Greece and came to Sicily with the Greeks. Is one of a kind with heavy filling, large thick skin, pear shape fig, growing at sea Level and coast. Breba is green with amber center, main crop is green/brown with amber Center. (Cefalu, Sicily).
Perkounis-Large purple/black, red center from island of Mykonos. Grows well in hot climates. Originally a Class II San Pedro Type, producing large brebas only. Main crop was only females so none of the figs would develop. After experimenting with growth stimulant sprays containing a hormone to inducing specialty flower to become large for exhibition, Belleclare sprayed this into the eye of the female fig at halfway point of 28 day cycle and seven days later. As a result, a main crop was produced because the spray mimicked the male hormones. This occurred several years in a row and then Bellclare stopped for three years in a row and during that time, the tree adapted and produces self-fertile main crops. The hormone spray came from edible Landscaping, Afton, Virginia.
Miller’s English Brown Turkey-Dark purple/brown, red center.
Der Grossen Fighen-From Graz. Austria. Large Purple/Brown, dark amber center.
Sicilian Red-on-Red (Fico Rosso)-Medium red fig with red center. Palermo, Sicily cuttings.
Garnsey Seedless- Large round, yellow/green seedless. Sweet fruit flavor, golden/amber center. From Durling’s Nursery, California. This one can tolerate 110-120F hot temperatures.